What Our Clients Say

Fantastic boutique pilates studio in Wynnum. Catering to all fitness levels the instructors really care and put their all in to each class and every client. A great place to start your Pilates journey, and also to continue no matter what stage of life or fitness level!

Bianca T

This is an amazing pilates studio. The instructors are very knowledgable and work your hard. I had a shoulder injury and they were happy to modify all the exercises for me. Would recommend this place to anyone and everyone!

Nikki H
A hidden gem of the pilates world. Terrific location. Plentiful parking. Friendly and knowledgeable staff that are extremely welcoming and attentive. Small class numbers both a blessing and a curse as you’ll need to book ahead to get in. Not much of a problem as alternative classes run every hour, both morning and evening. Clean, modern facilities with excellent equipment. Good music to keep you going, especially early in the morning.
La L

Very knowledgeable and welcoming staff made me comfortable as a new participant.

Great quiet location with parking. All New equipment.

Small class numbers so I got the appropriate direction, support and encouragement.

Kurt M

BodyTone Wynnum Pilates Studio

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