Socks! It is mandatory that all classes be performed in socks for safety and hygiene purposes. Non-slip socks are available for purchase if you forget to bring some. We also recommend you bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated, but we do have filtered water available in the studio.

Please wear comfortable exercise attire to every class.

It is essential that you reserve a space in each class that you wish to attend. The best way to book in is through our App, which can be found on the App Store or Play Store.

Firstly jump onto our app and create an account. First of all, you can view our schedule and class capacity before making any purchases. Once you’re ready to purchase, you’ll want to go into the Buy tab and select our Introductory Offer. Once you’ve made your purchase – you can go ahead and book in your classes through the Book tab

When you purchase our 10 days Unlimited Classes intro offer, the 10 days will begin from the date of your first class, rather than the purchase date! We recommend you join as many classes as you can with as many different instructors as you can so you can experience everyone’s individual style.

Make sure you add yourself to the waitlist! Don’t be worried if many classes have a waitlist because everyone’s schedule changes so much, it’s very likely you will be added to the class from the waitlist.

When you’re added to the class from the waitlist you will be notified via either email or text.

Arrive a few minutes early to the class and our skilled instructors will show you how to use the reformer, helping you to be empowered and confident on the reformer!

As long as your treating health professional (eg. your GP, Physio, Osteo etc.) has given you the all clear to resume exercising then we are excited to have you in class! Please let your instructor know about your injury before class and your instructor can modify any exercises as needed to suit you!
Absolutely! If you’re pregnant then Reformer Pilates is great for you! Just let your instructor know before class and your instructor can modify any exercises as needed to suit you!

Our bookings are open two weeks in advance at any time. That means each day, a new day opens on the schedule.

Due to the high demand for class times, we ask you to please be proactive with cancelling your classes if you cannot attend. We understand that life happens however BodyTone Pilates reserves the right to refuse future participation in classes if there are consecutive no shows on your schedule.

Please provide at least 9 hours notice if you wish to cancel your class.

If you are on a 10 pack or a casual class and provide less than 9 hours notice to cancel or don’t show you will forefit your class.

If you are on a Membership and provide less than 9 hours notice to cancel you will be charged $15.

If you do not turn up to a booked class the fee will be $20 and seen as a “no show”.

If you’re late to a class you may not be able to train. Arriving more than 10 minutes late to class is strongly discouraged and the instructor may ask you not to participate in that class as it is important that you do not miss the warm up. Arriving late disrupts the class and the flow so please try to be on time!
There sure is! We have a car park directly out the front of the studio. We are also lucky to have an abundance of free street parking and parking lots in the area that you are also able to park in.
At this time we unfortunately don’t run any mums and bubs classes so aren’t able to have your little ones join you at the studio. While we would love to have this as an option, we don’t have the space in the studio for your kids to come hang out while you participate.

Our minimum age for participation is 15 years old.

Our studio is closed across all Public Holidays so our instructors can also have a little sleep in and relax throughout the day.